Board of Directors

Enjoy’s Board of Directors are responsible for guiding strategy, bringing support, contributing knowledge to the management team and ensuring due governance.

The Board can consist of up to 12 directors, of which a maximum of 4 can be appointed by East Lothian Council (Councillors), the other 8 can be appointed from, and should be representative of East Lothian and/or independent representatives which skills to assist the company in carrying outs its objectives.

All positions are voluntary, and are appointed for a 5-year period.


Current Board Members


Virginia Heggie Community Representative (Chair)
Mark Elliot Community Representaive (Vice Chair)
Jim Goodfellow East Lothian Council Representative
Gordon Mackett East Lothian Council Representative
John McMillan East Lothian Council Representative
Colin McGinn East Lothian Council Representative
Mike Donoghue Community Representative
Christopher Lawson Community Representative
Phil Spencer Community Representative
Jonathan Turvil Community Representative
Lesley Sutherland Community Representative


Board Meetings

Board Members are required to attend 6 meetings per annum.



Enjoy has sub-committees to provide additional guidance and support in key areas.
Finance & Risk Sub-Committee
HR Sub-Committee
Business Development Sub-Committee


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