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Swimming for under 5s

Water babies can have so much fun! Children from a very young age can discover the fun that can be had from splashing around in the swimming pool.

Dedicated Children's Pool at Aubigny Sports Centre
Aubigny Sports Centre is the only pool in East Lothian to have a dedicated children's pool.   The 8metre square pool has a maximum depth of 0.7metres giving young children the opportunity to become confident and  enjoy being in the water.

Aubigny Sports Centre  T: 01620 820650


Water features at Dunbar Leisure Pool
With its beached entrance and pool characters, Dunbar Leisure Pool provides the ultimate fun environment for familes with young children to discover the joy of swimming together.

Dunbar Leisure Pool T: 01620 820655


Swimming Lessons

enjoyleisure is proud to deliver the Scottish Swimming Learn to Swim Programme.  

Starting at the young age children of 4 months, infants are introduced to the water in a safe and structure way at Adult and Child classes.

Once children are between 3 years old they can progress into the Pre-school classes.  Attending lessons on their own, these classes are full of fun water activities so children can build their confidence in the water.

Once ready, children will progress into the structured SwimSkills lesson programme.   Within this structure they will cover the following key stages of development: safety, fun and play, entries and exits, floating, streamlining, breathing, sculling, development of the four strokes, kick and pull techniques and an introduction to early endurance practices.

For more detailed information please visit the dedicated Learn to Swim section of the website.

Swimming Lesson Enquiries
You can contact our swimming lesson co-ordinators via email:


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