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Gymnastics coaching

enjoyleisure offers coached Gymnastics and Trampolining classes for children aged 9 weeks+ within our enjoyGymnastics programme.

Gymnastics at Home! 

We know that so many of our gymnastics participants are missing their classes right now, so how about enjoying "Gymnastics at Home"?

Filmed in the summer, enjoy's Gymnastics Development Officer, Catriona will take you through a series of fundamental activities to maintain your skills, keep your activity levels and enjoy gymnastics in your own home!   Just make sure you get permission from a grown up and have plenty of space, and only do what you are able!

There are 8 short videos in total.  View them individually or as a full set:   
Gymnatics at Home Videos via Facebook.



Enjoy Gymnastics Programme 

Gymnastics Class Enquiry Form (Word)

Gymnastics Class Enquiry Form (PDF)

Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a fun, exciting sport introducing children of all ages to the core elements of movement, balance, coordination and refining motor skills. As they grow and progress your child will develop in self confidence, strength, flexibility and spatial awareness.

Why enjoyleisure?

The enjoyleisure Gymnastics & Trampolining Programme is aimed at introducing children of all ages and abilities to the concept of “general gymnastics” preparing them for all gymnastics disciplines.

Enjoy Gymnastics & Trampolining Programme

Starting with Baby Gym, Gym Monkeys and Tots Trampolining infants are introduced to apparatus in a safe, stimulating, fun environment filled with games, singing and laughter.

As children reach Primary 1 they can move to gymnastics and/or trampolining classes where they’ll discover various pieces of equipment, learn new skills and will start putting together routines. They’ll develop in confidence, gain exposure to various gymnastics disciplines and have the necessary skill sets and experience to progress to club level.


Gymnastics Enquiry Form

Looking to join any of the enjoy Gymnastics classes? Download our enquiry form (Word) and email it to

Gymnastics Class Enquiry Form (Word)

Gymnastics Class Enquiry Form (PDF)

Gymnastics Classes

  • Baby Gym (9 weeks - 18 months)
  • Tumble Bugs (18 months - 3 years
  • Gym Monkeys (3 - 5 years)
  • Level 1 Gymnastics (P1+)
  • Level 2 Gymnastics (P1+)
  • Level 3 Gymnastics (P1+)
  • Level 4 Gymnastics (P1+)


  • Tots Trampolining (18 months - 5 years)
  • Trampolining (P1+

Unfortunately our Tots Trampolining and Trampolining classes are currently suspended.


Learn more about what each of the classes involve:  

Gymnastics Class Structure

Gymnastics Class Timetable

enjoyGymnastics Membership 

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