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Tots Trampolining

Jumping, bouncing, giggling, Tots Trampolining is so much fun for you and your little one!

Tots Trampolining is a fantastic way to have fun with your little one and introduce them to a range of developmental skills.

Infants aged from 18mths - 5 years attend classes with their parents to participate in a variety of activities, games and jump activities on full size trampolines.

Please note: Children & Adults should wear comfortable clothing with no zips, buttons or laces when attending the classes.

The nature of the sport of trampolining is that there is a 1:1 coaching ratio. This does mean that there can only be 1 participant on each trampoline at any one time, meaning the other participants will be waiting their turn.

For all trampoline classes, the structure of the lesson will include a floor based warm-up and stretch followed by a warm-up on the trampoline for each participant. Thereafter each turn on the trampoline will focus on learning and developing skills. 

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Further information:

For further information about Tots Trampolining please contact:

Meadowmill Sports Centre: 01875 618997

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