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Baby Gym

These classes are split into 2 different levels: 9 weeks old – crawling and crawling – 18mths old. In the Baby Gym class, parent and baby spend quality time together; working on interactive play, basic limb movement and baby socialisation.

The 1st section of the class is led by the coach and involves child and parent working together on various activities. This includes movement songs and walking around in a circle, with babies either carried or walking with support. Then, basic arm and leg stretching appropriate to the age of the class. For the younger children, this involves gentle exercises to help them develop from the tucked up, womb position and for  the slightly older ones, helping to develop walking and crawling. This section of the class also introduces hand apparatus e.g. ribbons, scarves, small toys etc which help to gain / improve eye co-ordination, concentration, tracking of objects, placing and rolling objects.

Following circle time, adults and babies then move on to apparatus which helps develop crawling, pulling up, standing, holding on, and cruising around the gym.
The class provides a safe environment for young children to play, crawl and have fun without being told “NO” and “don’t touch that”. Previous attendees to Baby Gym have commented that the most enjoyable thing about the class is that they have fun play time with their child,  where they are safe and free to explore without always saying “no”

The group comes back together to take part in the cool down; using a song, rhyme, parachute or bubbles to relax the children before the end of the class.



Aubigny Sports Centre


Friday 10:10am -10:55am Babies 9 weeks - Walking

Call 01620 820650 for more details.



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