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Forget New Year, New You

Have you been thinking about New Year resolutions?  Perhaps even the old favourite New Year, New You?  We say forget it!

Ask yourself really and truly, how many times have you given yourself a New Year resolution before, and how many times have you actually followed up on it?   ….  That’s what we thought!

It’s the start of a brand new decade and we think it’s time to change the message.

At enjoyleisure, we want you to ENJOY being you!   And we firmly believe that EVERYONE can ENJOY being physically active.

We all know the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle, and we all know we should do it. So what’s stopping us?   Ahh yes the excuses!  No time, no energy, too much going on, got the kids, too old for that sort of thing, too embarrassed, I won’t know anyone!  …. We know, we’ve heard them all before (and used a few too - we are human after all!)

Does this sound like you? Are you nodding? Read on...

This year, why don’t you take a new 2020 perspective, and ask yourself one simple question. ...

When it comes to physical activity, what do you enjoy?

It’s that’s simple. Find an activity that you ENJOY and start doing it.

Ever noticed that when you enjoy doing something it no longer becomes a chore? It’s not something that needs a daily reminder, but something you look forward to?

Guess what ... you can feel that way about physical activity too!   WE DO!

When you participate in an activity you enjoy, it becomes something that you look forward to, and you feel motivated about doing it.  It makes you feel energised, helps you sleep better, improves your mood, plus there are mental & physical health benefits too.   Physical activity has even been referred to as the ‘wonder-drug’ by medical professionals!

At enjoyleisure our mission is simple, we want EVERYONE to ENJOY being physically active.

We provide local facilities, offering a range of activities, catering for all ages and abilities across East Lothian.   We also work with various partner organisations to encourage the use of East Lothian’s plentiful walking & cycling routes, as well as the county’s plethora of golf courses.

enjoyleisure offers you choice, variety and opportunities to discover an activity that you can ENJOY!

What’s more, enjoyleisure is a registered Scottish Charity. Every penny of surplus income is reinvested into our community lead initiatives and physical activity programmes.  

This reinvestment enables us to provide discounted entry to facilities and classes to low income households; a selection of activities for children & adults with additional support needs and a Sports Awards programme to support rising and developing athletes in their chosen sports.

We provide local clubs and organisations with access to sports facilities, sponsor tournaments, gala days and other sporting events.  We cater for all ages and all abilities, because we care about our local communities.

We know that you do too.  Which is why, whenever you come along for a swim, join a class, hire a court, enrol in a coached activity programme, take out a membership, book a birthday party, or even enjoy a coffee in our cafes, not only do you get to do something you enjoy, you are also helping support people across East Lothian enjoy being active too!

So we say, this New Year, don’t make resolutions you won’t keep.

ENJOY being active!  ENJOY being you!  ENJOY East Lothian!

It’s local, it’s fun & it’s for everyone!

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