enjoyleisure is delighted offer you an online booking service.

Sign Up, View Classes, Book and Pay for Fitness Classes all via our online booking service.




How do I login?

Existing enjoyleisure Customers:

If you are an existing enjoyleisure customer, you must ensure that you have provided us with an active email address.   You can do this by contacting any of your local Sports Centres.

Have you registered your email with us?  





  • Please contact your local Sports Centre and provide us with an active email address.
  • Once you have done this, you will be able to access our online booking website.





  • Open up the Online Booking Web page .... click here
  • On your first visit to the site, click on the "Forgotten Pin" link.
  • You will be take through a series of steps (via email) to set your own personalised 4-digit PIN.  Keep this number safe and don't share it with anyone else.
  • With your registered email address and 4-digit PIN you can now log into the online booking website.


New Customers: 

If you are a brand new customer to enjoyleisure, you can click on the below link to take you to our 'Join at Home' web page where, after selecting your local Sports Centre, you can choose between registering as a Pay As You Go customer or signing up to our great value membership packages.

Click here to join online.


What can I do online?

You can book all of your favourite fitness classes within each of enjoyleisure's Sports Centres.

Direct Debit Paying Members can view / book / cancel and manage their class bookings online.

Pay As You Go Customers, Leisure Pass and Access to Leisure Card Holders can view, book and pay for fitness classes online.


How far in advance can I book?

Bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance.  

Bookings can be made online up to 15 mins prior to the start time.  Thereafter any further booking requests will need to be made directly with the Sports Centre.


How do I cancel a class?

Direct Debit Paying Members can cancel a class up to 15mins prior to the start time.  Thereafter any further cancellation requests need to be made directly with the Sports Centre.  

Pay As You Go customers need to contact the Sports Centre direct to cancel a class.  You will be offered the opportunity to transfer your booking to another class (subject to availability) or we will provide you with a refund.

PLEASE NOTE:  Failure to cancel a class prior to the start time, will result in a £2 fine being placed on a Direct Debit Paying Member's account, and no refund will be given to Pay As You Go customers.


I'm locked out of my account, what should I do? 

Should you find that you have been 'locked out' out of your account, please contact your local Sports Centre.

It may be that you have been locked out because you have entered the wrong login details too many times, or that we have a query with your account that we wish to discuss with you.



Online Booking Terms & Conditions

  • Activities are available to book online up to 7 days in advance.
  • Direct Debit Paying Members have the ability to book and cancel fitness classes online. 
  • Pay as you go, Leisure Pass & Access to Leisure customers have the opportunity to book and pay for classes online. Cancellations however must be requested in advance of the class start time via the Sports Centre directly as refunds are not available online.
  • Bookings (and cancellation requests for direct debit paying members) can be made up to 30mins prior to the class start time. Should you wish to book/cancel into a class after this point, you will need to do so with the centre directly. 
  • Should you be unable to attend an activity, please ensure that you cancel your place either online (members only) or via telephone 60mins prior to the start of the class. Failure to do so will result in a £2 fine being applied to members and no refund will be given to non-members.