Investing in the health & wellbeing of your colleagues 

It is a fact that a healthy workplace boosts productivity, reduces stress amongst employees and lowers staff turnover and absences. It also creates a positive business image.

Improving the physical and mental health and wellbeing of your workforce will make them feel happier and more valued.

At enjoyleisure, we want everyone to enjoy the benefits of leading an active, healthy lifestyle; and we can help you to achieve just that for your colleagues. 

Our corporate membership packages include access to all 7 Sports Centres across East Lothian, so whether your business is East Lothian based, or if your employees live across the region, there will be facilities that they can access on their doorstep. 


Take the first step to an active healthy workforce  

We would love to speak with you to understand your needs and tell you more about how together, we can provide your colleagues with access to fantastic facilities and services across East Lothian.

Our corporate packages are available to business with 5 employees or more. 

For more information on our corporate memberships, please email us at or give us a call on 07929 735 972.


Taking your privacy seriously 

We are committed to protecting your privacy and we therefore ask that you please read our Privacy Notice before providing us with any personal information.