Feel Energised, Get Fit & Have Fun!

Our enjoyleisure Teen Fitness Membership is specifically tailored for teens aged 12-15 years providing access to East Lothian’s Pools, Gyms & Selected Fitness Classes!

Over 16?  See our Fitness Membership Packages Page.

What's Included?

enjoyleisure’s Teen Fitness Memberships provides 12-15 year olds access to:

  • Unlimited Public Swimming
  • Free Gym Induction
  • Unlimited Gym Sessions  (when supervised by adult 16+)
  • Access to Dedicated Teen Gym & Teen Fitness Classes
  • Access to further Teen Friendly fitness classes

NB:  An accompanying adult is required for 12-13 year olds at Teen Friendly Fitness Classes at all Sports Centres and all teens, 12-15 are years required to be accompanied at Teen Friendly Fitness classes at the Mercat Gait Centre.


Why Join? 

It's local, it's fun and it's for everyone!

As a teenager, it's really important to keep active, as not only will it help with your physical fitness, it will also help with your mental fitness too.   School work, home life, friends, socialising, (not to mention those developing bodies and hormones), wow!  Life as a teen can be hectic, confusing and stressful.  But do you know what can help ... physical activity!   

Yup!  Keeping active helps release endorphins - the 'happy hormones'.  Plus it can help boost energy levels, improve your focus and attention, help you sleep better, and generally improve your mood!

Our dedicated Teen Memberships are put together with you in mind.  Giving access to dedicated teen classes, specifically for 12-15 year olds.  As well as giving you access to a wide range of other fitness activities.  

We have always got your safety in mind, so we do ask for an adult (over 16 years) to attend public gym sessions and fitness classes with you, to make sure you are using equipment properly. (Max 1 adult to 2 teens).

So what are you waiting for ... give it a go, sign up.  And if you need / want to get your folks to pay for it, just tell them as long as you go 2 sessions a week you're (they're) saving money! 


Membership Options 

No joining fee, no contract, just easy direct debit monthly payments.

Teen 12-13 years:     £15.50 per month
Teen 14-15 years:     £17.50 per month

Payment Terms
An initial pro-rata cash / card payment followed by rolling monthly direct debit payments, until one month’s written cancellation notice is received.  ID verification checks may be required, especially if the bank account holder is different to the applying member.

Make a Fitness Commitment

Purchase your membership up front and save! 

6 Month Membership Pass
Includes a 5% discount off the monthly fee

Teen 12-13 Years     £88.35 
Teen 14-15 Years     £99.75 

12 Month Membership Pass
Enjoy a Month FREE!

Teen 12-13 Years     £170.50
Teen 14-15 Years     £192.50

Payment Terms
One off cash / card payment.  These options are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Download a copy of the membership terms & conditions agreement here.


  • Parental permission is required, as such please bring your parent / guardian with you with you to sign up.
  • The person who will be signing up to the direct debit payment, will also need to be in attendance, to complete the direct debit mandate paperwork.  They will also need to provide photographic ID and proof of bank account ownership.


Don't Delay, Sign Up Today!


You're welcome to sign up to our Teen Membership packages at any of your local Sports Centres.  You can view the wide range of facilities on offer and speak to our staff who can answer any questions about the membership packages.

  • Aubigny Sports Centre, Mill Wynd, Haddington, EH41 4DB T: 01620 820650
  • Dunbar Leisure Pool, Castlepark, Dunbar, EH42 1EU T: 01620 820655 
  • Loch Centre, Well Wynd, Tranent, EH33 2JX  T: 01875 824140
  • Meadowmill Sports Centre, By Tranent EH33 1LZ: 01875 618997
  • Mercat Gait Centre, Prestonpans, EH32 9EN T: 01875 815483
  • Musselburgh Sport Centre, Newbigging, Musselburgh, EH21 7AS T: 0131 653 5208
  • North Berwick Sports Centre, Grange Road, North Berwick T: 01620 820730



What do I need to join?

Initial Payment
On taking out your membership, an initial payment is taken which is allocated on a 'pro-rata' basis until your 1st direct debit payment is processed.  This payment can be made by cash or credit/debit card. 

ID Verification Check
In order to safeguard both members and enjoyleisure from fraud and identity theft, we ask the direct debit payer to provide photographic ID and proof of bank account ownership at a Sport Centre reception within 7 days of applying for a direct debit membership.

If the direct debit is being taken from a bank account other than the membership applicant (e.g. spouse, parent) ID verification is also required for the bank account holder.

Approved Forms of ID

Proof of Identity Proof of Bank Account
Photo Driving Licence Show Debit Card Sort Code
Passport Bank, Building Society Statement
National Identity Card  
Local Authority (mygovScot) Bus Pass  
Young Scot Card (under 18s)  
Photographic Employee Identity Card  

Do I need a gym induction?

All customers looking to make use of our Bodyworks Gyms and Free Weights facilities will need to undergo a gym induction.  When taking out a fitness membership, all gym inductions are FREE of charge.

For customers, new to the gym, or who haven't used a gym facility in while, you will need undergo a full gym induction, where our gym instructors will guide through each of our pieces of equipment.


Dedicated Teen Gym Sessions
leisure organises dedicated timed Teen Gym sessions, where an enjoy colleague will be on hand to provide guided assistance and supervision to teens utilising the gym facilities.

Public Gym Sessions
During public sessions a teen 12-15 years old, must be accompanied by a gym inducted adult (over 16 years) in the Bodyworks Gym.

The accompanying adult must take responsibility for the teen while in the gym and ensure their safe and effective use of the equipment, as outlined in the gym induction.   Attention is drawn to the fact that individuals can put themselves at risk if the proper guidelines are not followed.  In particular, young people, whose bodies are still developing, must be fully aware of the possible damage that can occur through misuse of gym equipment.

If the accompanying adult wishes to participate in a gym session at the same time as the teen, this is permitted providing:

  • They uphold their responsibilities as the accompanying adult and ensure the safe and appropriate use of the equipment by the teen.
  • Any activities undertaken by the adult, do not put the teen at risk.
  • The adult’s gym session is paid for either via a membership or pay as you go admission.
  • If the accompanying adult intends to only supervise the teen and not participate in any activities themselves, admission is free of charge.


How do I book a fitness class?

enjoyleisure offers over 300 fitness classes per week across East Lothian's 7 Sports Centres.   Teens can attend any dedicated Teen classes (with Teen in the title) or Classes that are marked as being "Teen Friendly (TF)".  You can book: 

  • In person, at your local Sports Centre
  • Over the phone, by calling your local Sports Centre
  • Online - click here

Download a PDF of the class timetable here.

How to Book Fitness Classes Online Guide


Further Enquiries, Payment, Suspension & Cancellation Requests 

Please contact our membership team at the enjoyleisure head office via email memberships@enjoyleisure.com or by telephone 0131 653 5210.  Our membership team is contactable Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.