An open communication to all enjoyleisure customers

6th September 2022

As we all work towards full recovery from the pandemic and lockdowns, which will take some time, enjoyleisure like most other organisations is continuing to deal with the aftermath and the ongoing ever-changing pressure points.
enjoyleisure is no different from any other charity or business as we continue to experience unprecedented suppressed levels of applicants for vacant posts, COVID related absences, normal sickness absence, annual leave, supply chain issues and many other non-day-to-day matters.

Unfortunately, these are having an impact on our ability to provide all services, all of the time. We are presently having to respond to ever-changing circumstances on an hour by hour basis in an attempt to maintain normal opening hours as best we can.

This is not ideal but is part of our commitment to sustain as much normality as possible and I apologise to all our loyal patrons for the inconvenience this may cause.  Be assured that we are endeavouring to resolve these issues in new ways and quickly, however, in the present climate this is not without its challenges and I cannot pledge these issues will be resolved straightaway.

In spite of this, my promise to all customers adversely affected by late changes to our normal opening hours is that we are continuing to look at how we can adjust and provide service delivery without compromising safety.

I am delighted to say that all enjoy staff are consistently going the extra mile wherever they can to keep our amenities open to the public and I cannot thank every single colleague enough for their achievements thus far.

As a charitable organisation what has not diminished is our commitment to support as many people as possible to become and remain active. Through our provisions and programmes, we aim to support every individual within our communities to be more physically active, including people affected by ill health, poverty, debilities and inequalities. We will do everything in our power to help combat the effects of inactivity. This is the reason we exist - to improve our community’s health, physical and mental wellbeing and quality of life.

I can only ask for your understanding and patience during this challenging period. With your ongoing support and loyalty we can look forward to positively strengthening our communities for many years to come.    

Yours sincerely

Bill Axon
Chief Executive