In addition to links with enjoyleisure plays host to a number of local Sports Clubs who utilise local facilities to deliver specialised Sports Coaching Activities across East Lothian. 

Contact details for the Clubs are listed below:



Rain Allstars

Classes available at Musselburgh Sports Centre
W: www.facebook.com/rainallstars



Fidra Lions Hockey Club

Venues: North Berwick Sports Centre
Contact: fidrahc@gmail.com
Web: 🔗  Fidra Lions Facebook Page


Martial Arts 

East Lothian TaeKwonDo

Venues:  Loch Centre, Meadowmill & Musselburgh Sports Centres
More Details:  Classes include Active Tigers for 3-5years and Tae Kwon Do Classes from age 5+ though to adults
Contact: David, 07816 878550
Web: 🔗 East Lothian TaeKwonDo Facebook Page


Haddington Karate Club

Venues:  Aubigny Sports Centre
More Details:  Classes held on a Saturday morning 10:30am - 12:00pm.  Book 10 lessons in advance and receive a free Karate suit. 
Contact: George, 07791883642 
Web:  🔗 Sankukai Karate Scotland Facebook Page


Jewel Karate Group

Venues:   Loch Centre and Aubigny Sports Centre
Contact:  jewelkarate@hotmail.co.uk
Web:  🔗 Jewel Karate Group on Facebook


JKA Karate East Lothian

Venues: North Berwick Sports Centre
Contact:  bertstewart@jkakarateeastlothian.co.uk
Web: 🔗 www.jkakarateeastlothian.co.uk



Bass Rocketeers Netball Club

Venue:  North Berwick Sports Centre
Contact: bassrocketeers@hotmail.com
Web: 🔗 www.thebassrocketeersnetballclub.com