Track your child's progress! 

If your child is enrolled in either our Swimming Lessons or Gymnastics programmes, you can access weekly reports on your child’s progress online via enjoy's Parent's Home Portal for FREE!!

What is the Parent's Home Portal?

  • The Parent's Home Portal provides online access for parents / guardians to review weekly updates on your child progess against the assessment criteria for your child's activity programme.   
    Currently this is available for all Swimming Lessons & Gymnastics participants. 
  • Please note, the following classes will have access to Home Portal, although there are no competencies to view within this level.  These classes are based on age, rather than competencies:
    Swimming Lessons: Adult & Baby, Adult & Toddler, Adult & Child Swimming Lessons
    Gymnastics:  Baby Gym & Tumble Bugs

  • Progress reports include the assessment criteria for your child’s current level that is required to be completed before they move up to the next level.  We aim to make reports available within 24 hours of your child latest class.
  • In addition you can review reward badges, and when your child is marked as ready to move to the next level,  you can select your child's new class (based on current availability).
  • If you have more than one child in the programme, you can link all accounts together.




Frequently Asked Questions 


  • How to login
  • My child attends multiple activities
  • Linking Family Accounts 
  • Accessing Home Portal without home internet access


  • When & how enjoyleisure will contact you.
  • Keeping your contact details up to date


  • Viewing updated progress reports
  • Different competency levels


  • How will I know my child is ready to move?
  • I've moved my child, how do I move their sibling to the same day?
  • Can I check spaces at another centre?
  • There are no spaces available that I can manage, what do I do?



🔗 PDF: Home Portal User Guide

How to login to home portal? 

  • Once your child is registered and booked into our activity programmes you will receive an automated email providing you with details on how to access your account. 
  • If you have not received this please contact either or

Do I need a separate login for swimming & gymnastics?

  • No.  If you child is attending multiple activities, you will only need 1 account login.
  • Progress will be detailed for each activity within the same account. 

Do I need a separate login for each child?

No, you can link all accounts together.

  • 1. Create a login details for your first child, following the full instructions.
  • 2. When you receive your email invitation for your second child, click on the link to take you to the Home Portal Login Page.
  • 3. Answer the security question
  • 4. Login with the details of your first child, as you have already created a Home Portal Account.   This will automatically link both children onto the same Home Portal account.
  • 5. Follow steps 2-4 for any subsequent children. 

I don’t have access to internet at home, how will I check my child’s progress?

You will be able to make use of the Wi-Fi within the Sports Centres to log in to Home Portal and check your child’s progress.



How do you keep in contact with me? 

We will contact you via email when:

  • Your child goes up a level
  • If a lesson is cancelled
  • There are any updates on our Learn 2 Swim programme

It is essential that we have your email address so please be sure to notify reception of any changes to your contact details.



My child has just finished their class, but their progress has not been updated?

  • Teachers will sync the IPads at the end of each day. This means your child’s progress may not sync through to home portal until the following day.


My child’s teacher has only updated some of the competencies?

  • The teachers will be focusing on different competencies each week, meaning only the ones that have been assessed will be updated.



🔗 PDF:  Guide to Moving Levels in Home Portal

My child has almost completed their level. When will I be contacted about moving up?

  • Our Swimming and Gymnastics team closely monitor the list of children marked for movement. You will receive a notification on the Learn2 Home Portal when your child is ready to move.

I have moved my child, but I would like their sibling on the same day. How can I move them?

I want to check spaces at another centre, how do I do this?

There are no spaces available that I can manage, what do I do?

  • As our swimming lesson programme is a rolling programme, children are constantly moving through the programme. This creates new spaces frequently throughout the week. The spaces will appear on the home portal as soon as they are available and are allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Should you wish to contact us about any other queries regarding your child's activity lessons, memberships or access to Home Portal, please contact us via or