Love to Move is a chair-based, age, dementia and Parkinson's friendly exercise programme, developed by the British Gymnastics Foundation. The programme has been especially designed to improve movement, motor function, memory stimulation, coordination, flexibility and balance. 


  • Social Interaction
    Being in the company of other people combined with the fun and enjoyment of Love to Move makes the programme so much more effective.
    The exercises are fun to do and encourage conversation.
  • Memory stimulation
    Repeated use of the exercises, in your own time to your favourite music, can help to stimulate memory and recall in people living with dementia.
  • Use of foundation gymnastics skills
    The movements used during Love to Move exercises help to develop coordination, balance, core strength and flexibility to name just a few of the many benefits.


enjoyleisure, in partnership with East Lothian Council's Ageing Well, is delighted to be introducing Love to Move classes at Musselburgh Sports Centre. 

Classes are held within the Dance Studio at Musselburgh Sports Centre 

A new block of classes is schedule to start in the New Year.  Please contact to register your interest. 

Who should attend? 

While the classes are Dementia and Parkinson's friendly, the class is suitable for anyone who would enjoy a seated exercise programme. 

How to book? 

Call Musselburgh Sports Centre on 0131 653 5208, up to 7 days in advance to book the class. 

What should I wear / bring with me? 

Wear something comfortable, that you are able to move around in with ease.  We recommend bringing a drink / bottle of water with you.   No other equipment is required.